The Sureway staff has experience from 200 privacy projects (GDPR) and can support you or your lawyer/consultant in all phases of your privacy project. Sureway cooperate with, since their product for consent and access (data subject rights) is integrated in Sureway. Sesam support Sureway clients regarding their solution and together we can cover most of your needs.


We can support you all the way from GAP analysis, through records and risk assessments, to publishing of privacy policies and best practice for your employees. We have been through the whole process. You can chose services based on your needs -  to engage us for the whole process or just parts of it. We often support the CISO and DPO. We can also support your external consultants or lawyers.


Sesam can support you in implementing features for administration of consents, access of data and other data subject rights. The combination of Sureway and Sesam hub will give you self-serving portals to handle data subject rights. The self-serving portals are much cheaper than administrating it all manually by personnel.

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