We are looking for partners who can give benefit to the solution and our clients. Get in touch for a presentation of Sureway and for a discussion on how we can cooperate.


In Sureway the data is structured to automate needed features. The technology and the domain suits also perfect for Machine Learning to train tagged data to suggest automatic recommendation, to ease the process of privacy data evaluations for processes and systems. Since each of our customers tags 20 000+ items, Machine Learning can suggest what to do or what to be included in records etc. We believe that Machine learning benefits can be the winner in the market, based on the structured data from Sureway. We are looking for partner with experience and technology within Machine Learning.


Sureway is a market leader in Norway. Now GDPR alike regulations are coming in Brazil, US, India, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia etc. We wish to introduce Sureway to actual countries and need partners who have the competence and access to the market. We can serve a partner with the tool, service, training and support. Sureway suits for all languages and data can be stored in each country or region. A partner can be a technology partner, lawyers or consultancy businesses.


Already a partner

Sesam is an Integration Platform using a unique Datahub approach for collecting, connecting and sharing data. With Sesam data can quickly be re-purposed, re-structured and used, without changing the systems that own the original data. In this way all the valuable data within your company will be available for the whole organization. With Sesam integrated in Sureway we can provide self-serving platforms for data subject rights, based on the structured data from Sureway and their GDPR data-hub. Learn more at


Country partner Lithuania

Business Strategy Advice Services (BSAS) is a business development advisory company with 20 years experience servicing foreign companies in developing their businesses in Lithuania. BSAS assists foreign and Lithuanian entities in marketing and networking, business strategising and development. Learn more at

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