The challenge

Most businesses has a lot of processes including both normal personal data, sensitive data and household data.

You need to identify all processes which include use of personal data. For each process you have to create a detailed record describing how you are using the data, like:

- purpose

- type of personal data

- legal basis, 

- who you share it with

- where you store the data

- retention time

- etc.

The records are the foundation for consents, privacy policies, access of data etc.


In Sureway you create a catalog of your processes filtered by departments, persons etc. For each process you complete records on how you use the data. Sureway core is powered by tags. The tagged data gathered from checklists is fed into a search engine to infer answers for queries at data analyzing and data representation stages. Since privacy data of systems and processes are tagged, Sureway supports a broad spectrum of search queries that generates very useful information to the public, management, employees, auditors, etc

In Sureway you easily update the records - and when you update the records, it will update privacy policies, consents, rules for your staff etc. Completing records works also as a GAP-analysis, since you have to complete records for all processes (gives you the overview) and evaluate if processes are in line with the regulation.

We can upload your spreadsheets to continue streamlined and digital.

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